Why wearing the right slippers is so important?

When it comes to the health of our feet we usually don’t worry too much, forgetting that this is the part of our body that we spend most of our time on. Whether we are walking shopping, cleaning, working, unless they are some of those tasks we can’t do sitting down, we are putting a lot of weight on them. This causes a lot of discomfort and pain, especially when we are not wearing appropriate footwear.

These problems only get worse with time and can result in chronic pain and a range of different deformities and foot conditions developing that are difficult to treat. Often, to counter the pain and discomfort when we are relaxing at home, we choose house slippers that are too soft, thinking that we are doing ourselves a favour when the truth is they do not provide enough support and are too soft. This can often aggravate the problems.

Be Smart From the Start

Preventive foot health is a term that is often appreciated when it is too late. However, if you want to have healthier feet and feel better all-round, it is something you should start becoming familiar with now. While many things are beyond our control, there are some that we can still act and change

Why Does Wearing the Right House Slippers Matters

One of the easiest and most effective ways to start preventing foot health issues right now is by choosing the right footwear. Even if we have little to no choice about the footwear, we wear at work due to the environment and circumstances, we can make better choices about what we wear in our own homes. The right house slippers for men and house slippers for women are those that meet a specific criterion that helps them ensure their feet are healthy.

Why Foothugs Has the Answer

At Foothugs, when we are developing our men’s house slippers and women’s house slippers, we focus on the criteria highlighted above. By doing so we create house slippers that help to keep your feet healthy, pain-free, and comfortable. Why not check out our store right now and try them out. We are confident you will never buy house slippers from another store again.

What the right house slippers should be

First of all, the right slippers should be sturdy and rigid, rather than super-soft, to provide an adequate amount of support for our feet. Which means your feet are kept in the right position and shape

It is also recommended that we use slippers that have arch support that helps prevent flat feet and supports the treatment of this condition (that often goes undiagnosed).

Next, the best house slippers are those that are made from natural and breathable materials. This helps prevent the development of various fungi and skin diseases of the feet, which are often associated with unpleasant odours.

To get the very best out of slippers, they need to fit properly, not just in length, but also in width. This is particularly important if you have what is known as hallux valgus or wide feet or higher instep.

What do you want in a slipper?

Elegance? Support? Comfort?

Foothugs offer you stylish suede, ergonomic arch support and forgiving memory foam insoles. For feet that feel cradled and snug, the warm embrace of deserved foothug.

Designed with your feet in mind

You spend all day on your feet, step after step after step.
Just like our other vital organs, our feet need some time off too—That’s why we
know that simple flimsy slippers aren’t good enough. We designed Foothugs to
offer the perfect mix of style,
technical support and extreme comfort.

Premium packing, 100% recyclable

We know when giving and receiving gifts the anticipation is just important as the item. That’s why we created a customised and personal gift box to give your favourites a Foothugs.
The best thing about it? There’s no wrapping required!
Our premium slipper boxes are so stylish you can give them just as they are. All our packaging is made of cardboard and can be recycled.