Foothugs are a small family business which designs and manufactures our own slippers for customers, by customers. Operating since 2015, we have sought to remain focused on providing our clients with the best quality products which solve their footwear needs and offer a little style at the same time.

We design our slippers with our customers in mind.

For that reason, we are always experimenting, developing, and testing new product designs to match the tastes and preferences of our clients. We continually seek to improve our products to find the perfect combination of material and design that guarantees quality, improves the condition and circulation of your feet, and also looks and feels great.

It is a little-known fact, but Foothugs actually started out as purely a slipper shop. We originally sourced slippers for sale but did not manufacture any slippers ourselves. Very quickly we realised that the products we were selling were not giving our customers the best satisfaction or quality and we could do a lot better ourselves.

We want you to have a next-level foot experience—if you can’t feel comfort and luxury when you are slipping around at home in your slippers, when can you? To make that dream a reality required a lot of work—we had a lot to learn and a lot of materials, designs and styles to try. This was not an easy task, but if you want to walk-the-walk, you have to talk-the-talk and after many different attempts and extensive research, we feel confident we have produced an unrivalled product which our customers love. We know this because we receive many messages and reviews from customers who love their Foothugs. We are glad to read people who have experienced relief in chronic painful conditions—like plantar fasciitis. We are pleased we can offer this support and fulfil our aim of proving protective and safe slippers for your feet.

Our approach to your feet:

  • Customer first – we want our customers to benefit most from our slippers
  • Highest quality—we want to make slippers using only the highest quality materials. We care about every detail.
  • No machine will replace a human when it comes to care and heart—all our slippers are handmade labours of love.
  • Less marketing—we believe the quality of our slippers speak for themselves and the words of our customers are better than any paid advertising.

 We remain thankful to our customers for your valued and constructive feedback—we always listen to every comment and bear that in mind when we look to construct the latest improvements to our technical designs.

Our primary areas of focus are quality, comfort, and maximising your foot health—we want you to always put your best foot forward. Our slippers are made from supremely comfortable but supportive memory foam insoles which cradle your feet and give them the structure and positioning they need.

We offer a range of sizes and styles which accommodate regular to wide-fitting feet. We also offer slippers with an adjustable Velcro tab to provide better support for larger feet or for those with a higher instep. This open-toed design also allows for exceptional aeration of the foot.

 Join us on social media and interact with our team—we can’t wait to hear from you and are excited to learn what you have to say. Get in touch to inform our design, fit and style direction.

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