How to clean your suede slippers like a pro

The first thing you need to do is pick one of the following two types of cleaning depending on how much TLC your slippers need:

  1. Dry cleaning: This is also a pre-wet cleaning that’s soft, gentle, and intended to remove light stains and dirt accumulated during everyday use (eg. dust). For best results, we recommend dry cleaning every 1-2 weeks.
  2. Wet cleaning: A deeper, more in-depth form of cleaning designed to take care of heavier stains and dirt, often caused by accident or accumulated over long periods of time, such as oil, wine, milk, etc.


Let’s start by taking a look at dry cleaning…

Here’s what you need to have ready before you can start:

  1. Stain eraser that’s suitable for suede (a school eraser will work nicely as long as it’s clean and white)
  2. Suede brush (a toothbrush will also do the job)
  3. Approx. 10 min of free time


Step 1. Rub the entirety of the suede surface with the eraser, taking more time over the stains and dirtier areas. Don’t do it stronger than is necessary.

Step 2. Brush the whole surface in one direction using your suede brush to provide a uniform treatment. Don’t do it stronger than is necessary.

Pro Tip: If you notice the suede gets hairier, use sandpaper (180-200 grade) to make it smooth again.

If this method worked for you, you can stop here but if there is more dirt, we need to turn our attention to wet cleaning.

When you carry out this task please bear in mind you need to avoid completely soaking the suede — try to wash it only on the surface. Wetting the suede as little as possible won’t just allow it to dry quicker, it’ll protect it for the long term.

To carry out a thorough wet clean, you’ll need:

  1. Some kitchen paper towels (you can use newspapers but you need to wrap them in kitchen paper towels so they don’t leave any marks)
  2. Cleaning agent that’s suitable for use with suede
  3. Washing shoe brush (a toothbrush will also work very nicely)
  4. A clean microfibre cloth or towel
  5. 20 min of free time


Step1. Once you’ve taken care of the dry cleaning, let’s begin wet cleaning by
preparing the cleaning agent: we like to use leather shampoo. Simply add a few drops into a small bowl of water (according to the manufacturer’s instructions) before mixing to get the right type of concentration.

You’ll then need to apply your cleaning solution to the surface, rubbing consistently across the whole slipper to make a foam trying. Take care not wet more than is necessary and you’ll make your slippers last longer too.

(Please note that the wet cleaning may change the colour slightly, that’s why it is recommended to carry out the wet cleaning on the entire surface of both slippers to keep them both in the same tone)

Rinse gently with clean water and a clean brush (the same one used for cleaning).

Finish up your cleaning by drying with a towel or microfibre cloth then put the kitchen paper towel inside your slippers so they keep their shape before leaving them to dry for 24 hours. Drying naturally without using a heater is the best way to avoid damage.

Once dry, gently brush the suede and remove the kitchen paper towels to achieve the desired finish without loss of shape.

Want a few more Pro Tips?

You can clean your leather liners in exactly the same way so your slippers look and feel brand-new, inside and out!

Plus, if you want to make less work for yourself next time around, apply a protective agent to your slippers to minimize the impact of dirt and stains. The best approach is to apply it once you order a new pair.

**Please Note: Before using your suede cleaner you should test it out on a small portion of material. Once dry, and assuming everything is okay, continue with the complete surface.*

Pro Tip: It’s best to have two pairs and rotate them so they rest and release all the moisture, then the slippers last longer than wearing them extensively day after day. The same rule applies to shoes and suits, for example.

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