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FOOTHUGS Women's Natural Leather Mule Slippers with Memory Foam Health Insole - Pink

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  • TREAT YOUR FEET – Designed with posture in mind, Foothugs offer memory foam construction and arch support. 
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS – Only the finest natural suede upper and robust EVA sole.
  • ODOUR FREE – Natural leather means your feet can breathe easy, and so can you!
  • SLIP ON SOME STYLE – Look good, feel good. Catwalk into the kitchen.
  • HUG YOUR FEET - Long lasting and supremely comfortable. Like walking on air.
  • SHARE A HUG – Beautiful premium packaging make Foothugs the perfect gift, ready to give. 

Women's leather mule slippers - Foothugs

For those who love quality, our stylish mules are rewriting the rules. We make Foothugs with the finest materials - 100% suede leather uppers and custom designed orthopaedic grade memory-foam insoles. This means your slippers will remain breathable and odour-free whether in the depths of winter, or the height of summer. Stay cool and fresh with beautiful suede slippers to make you want to dance—when all you want is feet that look and feel great. 

The increased time on our feet and the sharper the heels we wear mean an increase in foot pain and posture-related conditions. That’s why we have designed our Foothugs with full arch support and ergonomic fit in mind—to maintain correct posture, whether you are kicking back or walking tall.

It’s easy to assume comfort comes at the expense of elegance. But that’s not our style at all. Wrapped in a sleek suede finish, and available in several striking colour ways, they make the perfect gift for even the most discerning loved one. They’ll be Catwalking into the kitchen like Nigella.

Firm at first, give these a few days to bed-in and then you’ll feel like you’re walking in the clouds.

Give your feet the snug hug they desperately deserve, give them a Foothug—the most comfortable slippers you’ve ever worn.




Women's slippers leather upper100% Natural Suede Leather Upper

Being a natural fibre, leather offers a highly breathable fabric to keep your feet cool whilst remaining stylish. Ventilation is maintained with added design perforations. We use leather as it matches a soft comfortable fit, with durable, long-lasting performance.

Memory Foam Health Insole

Designed to address foot and posture comfort specifically, our carefully constructed memory foam insole with integrated arch support provides a hard-wearing but supremely comfortable footbed to ensure your feet and you remain fit and in good health.   

Firm Flexible SoleFlexible Non-Slip EVA Sole

Although they are called slippers, the last thing you want them to do is slip! We use robust but highly flexible EVA foam to ensure your Foothugs are both built to last and bouncy enough to provide perfect cushioning for your feet. Designed so you won’t lose grip or that feeling of walking on air.

Ladies Slippers Leather Lining Natural Leather Lining

Why scrimp on quality when it comes to your feet? We use 100% natural leather to line our slippers and ensure your feet can breathe and move with consummate ease. Leather with give and support without losing durability, meaning they will feel just as tomorrow as they did today.

How much is the delivery?

Currently, we offer FREE standard 3-5 days delivery on all orders within the UK.

We also offer Express 1-2 days delivery for extra charge of £1.99.


How long it takes to process the order?

Orders placed by 2pm are usually processed on the same day. Sometimes it may take up to 24 hours.


How long it takes to deliver the order?

The delivery usually takes 3 days however, during the busier periods, it may take even 5 days.


What are the return costs?

Currently, we offer FREE return on ALL orders within the UK.


How to return or exchange the item?

If you would like to return the item please let us know at info@foothugs.eu and we will email you the return label. To exchange the item, you would need to make a new purchase and return the unwanted item.


What service is used to deliver the orders?

Normally we use a Swisship, occasionally we may ship your order using other service provider.


Do you offer international delivery?

Unfortunately, at the moment we offer our products only to UK customers.

What makes FOOTHUGS slippers different to other slippers?

Our slippers feature a bespoke insole design. This uses a custom-fit memory foam profile to ensure FOOTHUGS will support and respond directly to the unique shape and pressures of your feet. The supreme comfort of memory foam combined with medium arch support ensures you walk with good posture and get good circulation to your feet when using FOOTHUGS. They also prevent flat feet, which can be a source of back pain.


Are FOOTHUGS slippers stiffer than regular soft slippers?

Overall our slippers are built for superior comfort and support. When you first receive your FOOTHUGS they may feel a bit stiff, maybe even a little uncomfortable—this is not a cause for alarm! This is especially the case when you have been used to softer, but not necessarily supportive footwear. With FOOTHUGS you can have both.

The memory foam design is there to ensure your foot is maintained in the correct position, and it usually takes a few days for the insoles (the bit your feet sits on) to mould to the specifics of your feet. Once you have worn them for a few days they will adjust, and you will feel the benefit of both great comfort and superb support. Any discomfort should disappear quickly, but please don’t hesitate to contact us at info(at)foothugs.uk if you experience ongoing problem.


What are the benefits of using natural leather for slippers?

It is no surprise that using natural materials offer the best qualities for our feet. Natural leather is very soft and porous which helps your feet to breathe and ensure that moisture can escape easily. Less moisture means less sweat—which results in a dry and odourless slipper, all year round.

A dry environment also prevents the conditions for fungal infections to grow and so vastly reduces the risk of a variety of painful and unsightly foot diseases such as Mycosis (ringworm) or tinea pedis (Athlete’s foot).

It is important to take care of your feet, and we know our customers wear their slippers more than any other item of footwear—now you can be sure to have clean healthy feet in a stylish suede finish.


How should I care for my FOOTHUGS slippers?

FOOTHUGS are designed mainly for indoor use. Try not to get them too wet or dirty and use only cleaning solutions which are designed specifically the relevant materials. In the case of our slippers, pay careful attention to our suede leather finish and our soft wool/sheepskin lining.

Suede is a naturally durable material which will actually cope well with getting wet. However, FOOTHUGS are not waterproof and so to avoid damp feet, refrain from using your slippers in wet conditions.

If you do get your FOOTHUGS wet, leave them in a warm dry location to dry out naturally—do not try to speed up the drying process as this could result in discolouration and deformation.  


My slippers are a bit tight, will the loosen over the time?

Foothugs slippers are made from 100% natural materials, which are supple and give. They should adjust to your feet within a few days, however if you notice they feel too narrow even after time to bed-in, we advise you return them and exchange for a bigger size.

A great alternative is our Velcro-adjustable open-toed model, which allows you to extend the width or height of your FOOTHUGS whenever you want—these are a great option to accommodate those with high insteps or wider feet.


Are the soles of FOOTHUGS slippers slippery?

Out slippers are designed to perform well on all surfaces in and around the home. They grip very well on carpet, wooden and laminated floor.  They also have a fairly good grip on tiles—but do exercise caution if they are very wet.


Can I wash my FOOTHUGS slippers?

Foot hygiene is one of our most important priorities at FOOTHUGS. You can clean your slippers, and we would urge you to do so from time to time but be sure to apply the correct cleaning products and methods to the correct materials.

Suede, leather (insoles) and sheepskin slippers are not designed to be wash, but you can dry brush them and they will respond to certain cleaning agents designed specifically for them—such as a suede cleaner. If using such products, we recommend you try them on a small out-of-the-way section first to ensure they are no abnormal reactions.

Our felt or textile slippers can be placed in the washing machine—wash at no more than 30 degree.

In all instances, let the materials dry naturally to ensure no changes to colour or shape are caused.

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Very comfortable

Very comfortable. My second pair as first ones got stained and sadly you cannot wash them. Pink is a little vivid but not really an issue.


Third pair they are great.

Foothugs Leather Mule Slippers - pink

Fabulous slippers, extremely comfortable. Excellent customer service, arrived promptly, had to return as required a wide fit pair, they were posted on the day I dropped the original pair to the post office! Can’t ask for more than that! I shall buy the sheepskin lined pair for the winter as I am so impressed. Thank you.

Another pair of great slippers!

This is now my third pair of Foothugs slippers and this pair are as good as the other two! Very comfy and so well made!

Jacqui Byrne
Perfect Perfect Perfect!!

I have been searching for slippers that didn't have fur in them, didn't have a sole soft that went all out of shape!
I got slippers 6 years ago and I've worn them to death searching for a replacement pair!
And today I'm sooooooooooo happy!
Best Christmas present ever!!
Pleeease ship to Ireland so I can buy more, I had to get them delivered to my nephew in the UK and wait two weeks for them!
They were worth waiting on though!
They are absolutely perfect, comfortable, neat, supportive!
I'll be cooking Christmas Dinner in comfort now!
Thank you!

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